About Us

About Us

Welcome to this extremely essential section of our website. We wanted to put a substantial amount of clarity and transparency with what we do and wanted to start with square one. So a stepwise approach of basics of introduction for you:

Step1: A little bit of preflux.  A lot has happened inside Vostrolife since we started in 2006…and still a lot can be improved upon. Yes, we are constantly improving in order to get perceived. This continual feeling of improvement actually doesn’t let us sit calm and is the biggest motivational factor till now. We value creativity and smart work and the same has been a reflection of our work culture also.

Step 2: Of any introduction is more introduction…a lot of information sharing. The idea behind the name ‘Vostro’ drew motivation from an Italian word meaning ‘for you.’ Vostro is designed specifically for the youth of today: bold, strong and unfaltering. The design also has a story behind, the oval shape surrounding life is the universe, signifying the global reach and relevance of Vostro. The designs exude comfort that is cool, carefree and confident. Vostro knows no boundaries and provides agility and ease for all. The V signifies the essence of life and ‘Vitality’ what Vostro represents.

Step 3: Is to share your inspirational story and your pursuit with others…what u gained and lose from all that struggle over a period of time. Obviously, a lot of learnings and takeaways have been cultivated since we started and slowly but gradually we are transforming. Vostro’s mission is to provide the youth of today with bold, comfortable, and affordable products. We are typically dealing with trusted vendors and have become incredibly choosy with the choice of vendors in acquiring raw materials. High quality grained leathers, high peel synthetics, virgin rubber, and knitted textile to create distinctive products. Our designers continually innovate according to the latest trends while adhering to the strictest standards of quality.  Vostro is designed for you; the shoe for everyone, working with the motto has become a sole aim now. We are a workplace whose trust dwell in its work output and teamwork delivered.

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